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Includes indexing from over 3, international journals. Coverage: - present. HeinOnline Academic This link opens in a new window. Nearly 2, journals covering political science, history, criminal justice, women's studies, religious studies, and more than 80 other subject areas. Case Law U. Code U. Congressional Documents U.

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Congressional Serial Set U. Federal Legislative History Library U. Presidential Library U. Statutes at Large U.

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Supreme Court Library U. Magazine Archives This link opens in a new window. This collection contains writings by Clower from to and contains primarily professional correspondence covering his entire professional career from to Other folders contain copies of his thesis, copies of published articles and unpublished writings especially from the s , and lectures and materials related to courses taught by Clower, as well as several files of writings and speeches by Clower's father, the economist F. Fay Walter Clower. Topics covered by the materials in the collection include monetary theory, price theory, price determination, disequilibrium, stock-flow analysis, Keynesian economics, macroeconomics, Say's Law, banking, mathematical economics and the teaching of economics.

Roosevelt, , and to the government of Colombia, This work resulted in his being a target during the McCarthy era and he lost his U. He settled in Colombia after and continued to serve as an advisor to the leaders of that country until his death in The collection contains correspondence, writings, speeches, published materials, subject files and clippings documenting Currie's career and thought. The bulk of the materials focuses on his analysis of macroeconomic policy during the New Deal; and growth, housing and export policies for developing countries, especially Colombia. Previously, he was a professor at Rutgers University.

The collection documents Davidson's professional life and his focus in post-Keynesian economics, primarily through professional correspondence with colleagues but also through some writings by Davidson and others from the middle s to Meltzer, Basil J.

Researchers may be particularly interested in the extensive correspondence between Davidson and other leading post-Keynesian economists. Peter A. Diamond Peter A. The Peter Diamond papers date from to and document Diamond's career as a renowned economist whose work has focused on U. Social Security policy and other forms of social insurance.

Evsey D. Born , Lodz, Russia now Poland.

Collection consists chiefly of professional correspondence between Domar and his colleagues, with smaller groups of writings, research materials, printed materials, speeches, lectures and course materials relating to Domar's teaching career. Papers chiefly address his work on serfdom and slavery, particularly in Russia; the economics of socialist systems of government; the economics of agriculture; and theories of productivity and efficiency. The collection highlights the academic and consulting experiences of a twentieth-century American economist and documents his intellectual development as an historian of economic thought.

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There is some material on his professional service for the Kemmerer Commission, following his father, Frank A. Fetter, who was a key participant in the Commission. The largest series in the collection are the Publications Series and the General Research Series; there are also some materials pertaining to his teaching. His publications and research focused on the study of the history of economics, in particular inflation and international economic thought.

Franklin M.

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The collection comprises Fisher's professional papers spanning a fifty-year career, and contains correspondence, drafts of articles and other writings, research notes and reprints of his published writings. Also included are files related to professional associations; lectures, conferences and meetings he attended; courses taught by Fisher; legal cases for which Fisher served as a consultant; and Fisher's collaboration with Karl Shell regarding price indexes.

There is also a series of subject files. Born in Italy, Foa came to the U. Collection contains writings and research, correspondence, name files, teaching and academic materials and some personal and creative work by Foley. Common subjects include Marxism and monetary theory, statistical methodology and political economy. Collection consists of research and experiment binders relating to s economics experiments in games and game theory.

Also includes Friedman's dissertation, The Theory of Oligopoly. William H.


Duke University Press - The Social Medicine Reader, Volume I, Third Edition

Collection includes personal and professional correspondence, manuscripts, research notes, scrapbooks, diaries, account books, postcards, and photographs pertaining to Glasson's family, career, and interests. A significant correspondent is H. Clay Evans, the U. Commissioner of Pensions. Typed transcripts and other documents reveal details concerning political conditions in Romania during the period of the provisional government and the Armistice trials following World War II During this period, Georgescu-Roegen served the new government in various capacities before he fled the country with his wife in The collection includes correspondence, research and writings, subject files, teaching materials and autobiographical writings documenting his life.

Correspondents include the economists Joseph Schumpeter under whom he studied at Harvard and Friedrich von Hayek. Topics include analytical economics, value theory and consumer behavior, bio-economics, time and economic change, entropy and its application to economics, agricultural economics and the teaching of economics.

Some materials are in Russian or Romanian. The collection includes the professional correspondence, writings, unpublished notes, research reports and other papers that document his academic career and research.

Writings folders often contain typescripts and handwritten manuscripts of published research. The correspondence segment chiefly holds letters of reference and correspondence received from colleagues. Together with his wife, Gladys Dallas Hamilton, also an economist by training, Hamilton conducted important research during the s and s on the history of the South American and Spanish economies; the history of American, Spanish, and French banking; the history of John Law and the "Mississippi Bubble" and its effect on European economies; and prices and wages in medieval Spain.

The collection includes not only extensive background notes for Hamilton's major books and articles, but also over original legajos and other documents pertaining to Spanish trade and economic development, dating primarily from the 17th and 18th centuries. The collection also contains drafts and reprints of research papers, and numerous folders of academic and personal correspondence.

Some documents in the collection are in French or Spanish. Earliest dates reflect content of photostats and transcripts, not the date of creation. A guide to the microfilm set is available. Link above is to the Register of the Friedrich A. State University. Also included are a list of publications by Hildreth and some papers dealing with the Cowles Commission. Collection includes correspondence, both personal and economics-related; monetary conferences files from the ss; audio and video cassettes and reels of conference talks and proceedings; economics articles and reprints; and some of Hinshaw's early schoolwork and papers from the ss.

The collection consists chiefly of manuscripts accepted for publication and associated correspondence. Hoover is widely accepted as the founder of the field of comparative economics. He traveled many times to the Soviet Union to study economic conditions, and wrote on Adolf Hitler's rise to power in Germany.

Materials include correspondence, departmental files, reports, photographs, sound recordings, books, articles, clippings, scrapbooks, date books and other printed materials. Major topics represented in the collection are the economic conditions in the Soviet Union, Germany and the United States in the 20th century; the administration of an academic department during wartime; Soviet economic policy; Soviet politics and government; the formation of New Deal agricultural policies in the South; and the Office of Strategic Services.

A pioneer in the application of game theory to other economic areas, Hurwicz's interests include mathematical economics and modeling and the theory of the firm. In the s, he worked with Kenneth Arrow on non-linear programming. Collection primarily consists of professional correspondence, research notes and drafts of writings. Louis Federal Reserve Bank and a key figure in the Bank's leadership in monetary research and statistics.

The collection chiefly consists of professional papers, but also includes some materials of his wife Alice Hanson Jones, and University of Iowa professor Frank Hyneman Knight, relating to their careers as economists. In addition, the collection contains correspondence, printed material and writings and speeches that relate to Jones's advocacy of monetarist economic theory, the Korean economy and work for the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and the Shadow Open Market Committee. Collection includes Klein's correspondence, writings and drafts, economic research and subject files, organizational papers and dissertations from Klein's many students.