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Manu V. What does it mean to act? Are there many kinds of intentionalities in the world? Do animals and machines also act? Are language, metaphysics, politics, agency — all — reserved only for us? Could politicization of the material world be thought of as depoliticization of the human society? What cannot interact? Is mediation a sub-species of action?

Are definitions also actions? Is a detailed description identical to an explanation? Is there a depth dimension to Reality? Does the subject always contain the predicate? Is your worldview dualistic? What is hidden within ourselves? Might action be caused by disembodied intention?

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What makes crowds mobs? Does the material non-human world permeate our social lives via say language and behaviour? Is social change, therefore, not so easy? Is capital the real actor? Christian Uhl, Ghent University, Ghent. Are nomads free? Are nations stable? Do you take the ground for granted? Where are your ancestors from? Why did modern humans leave Africa? Are empires and nations products of circulatory processes? Have you heard of nomadic empires? Do nomads make good citizens?

Is their relationship with the settled often symbiotic? Are the nomads not settled because the animals that they live off are not settled? Is anything static dead? Do different entities from earth to individuals and phenomena from droughts to mutations have different criss crossing temporalities? How are the Andamanese unique? What circuits does capital need to circulate freely? What does it replace? What is the future of marriages? What is the future of vagabonds? Can human life ever be fully de-territorialized? Why is that body heading the other way?

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Do different objects fall differently? Is it a mystery why bodies attract each other? What is the ontology of gravity? Did Newton find his own idea of universal gravitation absurd? When was Space first believed to be unlimited? Do belief systems and knowledge systems always influence each other? Does experience form intuition? Is a simultaneous process of falling in and falling out always ongoing in the Universe? What is it like to fall into black holes? Are they empty inside? Are their horizons smooth?

Or, are all forces aspects of geometric space?

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How limited is our own experience of the physical world? How much of gravity is cognizable? Can dual objects that appear identical in form be very different in substance? Do we also need the things we cannot explain for our existence? What is the future of our Universe? Can you do whatever you want at home? Do you own private property? Do you hold private opinions?

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Does economic development influence how public-private distinction is thought of? Is the process of drawing lines always political? Does increasing GDP always work automatically for publicly desired outcomes? Must private property also eventually be seen as enhancing publicness? Do cities get made by plans? Are urban realms continuums of spaces and energies? How do practices create temporary private spaces?

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Is ownership necessary? Why not? Is the modern State the only public mode? Are individuals at a technical disadvantage against the collectives? How might social and individual goals be aligned? Will we remain more hung up on our differences? Will we continue to become more cellularized? Of what womb are you born? Are the outlawed animal-like? Who gets to be a citizen of the polis? Are Pandavas princes in the forest? Are the freer nobler? Does the wolf look down upon the dog?

Are animals truly in the open?


Are humans, in a sense, the most abandoned? Is the jungle still within us? Where do Gods and demons come from? Is divinity empathy? What exactly is tiger-man?

Does hunger lead to evil? Is empathy required in the jungle? Did peasantry play a role in reconfiguring human-animal relationships? Can all animals be sacrificed for humans? Do animals have to be attributed with a Being? What do they have in common with us?